About Us

Mike Flinsky, Charter Captain & Small Business Owner

Rod Boss was originally started in 2015 by Mike Flinsky who is a licensed USCG captain and successful machine shop owner. Over the years of running a charter boat on Lake Michigan, Mike became tired of fixing issues associated with most of the popular rod holders and accessories on the market. Along with rod holder equipment failure, Mike wanted to design a rod holder that offered adjustability with just the use of one hand. Ultimately these factors led to the start of the Rod Boss product line. The overall objective of the Rod Boss is to optimize every fisherman’s time on and off water, while making fishing easier with our easy one-handed rod holder adjustments.

CNC Lathe / Hard Turning CNC Mill / 3D Milling Custom Machining

Rod Boss utilizes state of the art machining processes to optimize the quality of every individual component assembled into each rod holder. Rod Boss rod holders and accessories are machined with tight tolerances to ensure every product is robust while offering your boat a cleaner look.


    With 17 years of experience in the machining industry, Rod Boss is granted a competitive edge over other rod holder manufactures on the market. This makes the fit, form, and function of our products superior.

  • Custom Solutions

    Rod Boss is constantly evolving its technology and procedures to provide the best products at the most competitive prices possible. Along with the standard line of Rod Boss products, we also offer customizable solutions to resolve every boat rigging issue fisherman may run into.


    Every item manufactured by Rod Boss is machined and assembled with the highest quality aluminum and stainless-steel materials. Rod Boss sets the standard for hard turning and surface finishes produced on the CNC lathe.