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    Our past knowledge and experience in the stamping industry have given us a competitive edge over the ordinary “job-shop”. This makes the fit, form, and function of our products superior. Metalution is committed to passing this knowledge to all employees via our everyday training as well as our apprenticeship program.


    Metalution is constantly evolving its technology and procedures to provide the best product at the most competitive price possible. Our dedication to continuous improvements ensures quality, accuracy, originality, and efficiency.


    Every item manufactured by Metalution is final inspected to ensure zero defects. Metalution sets the standard for hard turning and surface finishes produced on the CNC lathe.

Interested in our manufacturing capabilities?

Metalution is a full-service machine shop that prides itself on delivering top-notch, cost-effective solutions for complex tooling requirements. With our ISO certified Quality Management System (QMS), you can trust in our commitment to excellence.

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